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Yes! Anita from Mise en Place is AMAZING!!!!! She helped us organise and declutter our entire home after we moved and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!! If you need help with your wardrobes, she’s your woman. Ours have never looked better, thanks to Anita!!

By Jen Mulligan - Sydney, Australia

My house is a tip: Anita came to consult & even sceptical hubby is impressed with her ideas. (Though he’s not conceding on the tall boy!) she’s lovely & no judgement on the tip I live in! It was a recommendation here & I can’t wait to see the finished product.

By Pam Leeson - Sydney, Australia

Anita is highly recommended!! She has such an amazing approach so gentle and kind and really trustworthy. You can feel she is genuinely trying to help rather than just run a business !!!

By Marina Makhlin - Sydney, Australia

Anita, on behalf of my sisters and our family I want to thank you so much for your assistance and support in the preparation of my parents home for sale. You came in to assess what was needed and we could see from the way you advised us as to what step followed what, that you knew your craft and was good at it. Your guidance, material help with bags and boxes, your arrangements with your contacts meant that we knew what we were working towards and then you arranged the pick ups for us. It was so beneficial in a trying and emotional time. We have every confidence that your business will grow and prosper thanks to your excellent service to your clients. We wish you the best of luck.

By Arlene Schwartz, Marilyn Jankelowitz and Carol Alexander - Sydney, Australia

We recently engaged Anita from Mise en Place to style a property that was going on the market. Anita's professionalism, service and attention to detail was outstanding. Anita's choice of furnishings and artwork throughout the property created an inviting and spacious home, maximising space and light, achieving a stunning presentation. We have no doubt that Anita's styling of the property was reflected in the sale price achieved. Thank you Anita.

By Paula Zaglas and Gina Kalaizis - Sydney, Australia

Anita Bloomfield Birges helped me plan my rooms to work efficiently, physically helped me to declutter and importantly for me, gave me “permission” to finally let go of things that for some weird internal rationalisation I had held onto (especially paperwork). She’s lovely, very practical and not pushy. Ditto to all the other great comments about Anita on this post.

By Ainsley Bryant - Sydney, Australia

Anita has honestly changed not only my wardrobe and house but my life --- And that’s not over stressing it! She is an amazing professional who will meet the needs of you and your family – she’s revolutionised my wardrobe, helped get rid of so much junk and given us our house back helping to organise our daughters’ rooms, kitchen and living room. I cannot praise her enough!

By Amy Verall - Sydney, Australia

Anita Birges is sensational. She is brilliant, patient, her ideas are seriously incredible and is the most devine person. She is helping me with my home at the moment and I’m amazed at her incredible ideas that work amazingly well! Def recommend.

By Kerry Lake - Sydney, Australia

Anita Birges is changing my life! It’s not just about decluttering I’ve learned. It’s also making sure everything has a designated home and that you don’t exceed the space allocated for it. I’m so glad I bit the bullet and did it one room at a time with Anita. I’m starting to feel proud and not horrified at the prospect of unannounced ‘pop ins’. Once you have a session you will immediately the potential for peace and light. Good Luck.

By Cherene Casinder - Sydney, Australia

Anita is a decluttering superhero, professional organiser and property stylist. Through her business Mise en Place, Anita works with private clients, media outlets and brands to bring a burst of new life to everything from suitcases to wardrobes, cupboards, rooms and entire homes; creating clean, bright, functional and contemporary spaces.