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This is where we will recreate the interior of a home for purposes of marketing and sale. Particular emphasis is made on decluttering and establishing clean lines thus creating an effect of light and space within each room. New furniture is carefully placed, and accessorised with tasteful furnishings to achieve a co-ordinated visually pleasing effect.
Styling may be for two or three main rooms or a “style package” can be created for the whole property including adjacent outdoor areas like decks and balconies. With the popularity of buyers searching the internet for properties, great photos are imperative if your property is to rise above the competition.
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Home styling/ staging is about perfectly packaging a product and effective marketing. Mise en Place takes care of all the details, from start to finish. That is our commitment to you. We offer a complete home styling/ staging solution. Services begin with an in-home consultation, where we will focus on all areas of your home starting with curb appeal. Enhancement can include painting, repairs and gardening as well as furniture placement/editing and decluttering. We can recommend a colour palette and arrange furniture rentals if necessary. We will co-ordinate services agreed upon, which may include a handy-man, painters, builders, cleaners and gardeners.

“Our goal is to maximise the potential of your home while minimising the amount of money you spend”


Styling/ Staging Consultations

We will assess your home and identify the most important things you can do to improve your home's marketability prior to listing for maximum first impression impact. With the emphasis on making the most of what you already have, we will recommend cost effective enhancements for modernising your home's look.

Streamlined Styling

This package is perfect for the home that is in good condition and has existing furnishings and decorative accessories that we can utilise. We will jump right in and spend time decluttering and then styling your home making the most of what you have.

Styling Plus

Present your home to the market looking it's best with our complete styling package which includes the initial consultation followed by our hands on decluttering and stylinging service. We will also bring in any necessary furnishings and accessories for the duration your home is on the market.

Partial Styling

Sometimes when properties already contain existing furniture all that is required is stylish accessorising or tweaking what’s already there to give the property the ‘Wow’ factor. Mise en Place can supply attractive artworks, rugs, lamps and decor accessories to enhance the visual appeal while working with the existing style of the property. Once the budget is established the we select the furniture and furnishings to enhance any required number of rooms. The overall effect achieved will attract more potential buyers to the property creating maximum competition and a higher sale price.

Styling to Live

The new affordable way to decorate making the most of what you already have. We will declutter and add those finishing touches and ``style`` your home to create a designer look while still keeping your home a home. Why wait until you are selling your house for it to look and feel wonderful? A room re-design will transform your home into a welcome and relaxing place you will love to share with family and friends.


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