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Some of us are born with it.

Some of us are problem solvers.

Some of us have a passion for working with people.

Some of us have a love of organisation and home design.

You can transform your life by becoming a Professional Organiser and be completely fulfilled knowing that you get to do what you love every single day.

Join us and take your love of decluttering and organising to the next level, which can lead to a second career, meaningful side hustle or simply enrich your passion for organisation.

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Avril Jacobson
Avril Jacobson
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For a while I had been thinking of a career change. As a busy mum of 3, “life” always got in the way and part of me was apprehensive and scared to take a risk.

However decluttering and organising has always been in my blood. Ever since I was a small girl, everything had its place. The hard part was deciding to take a leap of faith, trusting myself, and giving a fair go to something I felt truly passionate about.

Years ago, I met Anita at a mutual friends wedding - we sat opposite each other and I was intrigued by her career choice. We soon realised that we had a lot on common with a similar passion for organising. So in thinking about a career years later, I decided to google her and her online course came up. Her style and energy instantly drew me back in. I loved her authentic ways, and it was that trait that made me decide to sign up to her course.

I now have the tools and strategies to carry me forward and the course was so engaging that it confirmed and highlighted my “love of decluttering”. Choosing to take the risk was initially uncomfortable, but that “uncomfortable” soon became my “comfort” - and that’s when I knew it was safe to leave my current path and start a new journey.

Thanks Anita - I’m so pumped and ready to get my hands into my own clients homes and am excited to make a difference for them.

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