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Transform your home and life with Mise en Place Academy. Join our online Academy to receive exclusive content, instructional videos and support from Anita, so you can become confident in decluttering and organising. In the Academy, Anita shares her years of experience with you!

The Mise en Place Academy has a range of courses for you:
• How to Organise a Woman's Wardrobe
• How to Organise the Perfect Pantry
• How to Organise your Kitchen
• How to Organise a Garage
• And so much more!
Enrol in The Mise en Place Academy for a once-off fee and you will receive access to all of the courses and supporting materials.
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What is the Mise en Place Academy?

The Mise en Place Academy is an online learning tool designed to make you an Organising and Decluttering expert. In the Academy, I share all of my best tips and tricks, instructional videos and make everything more accessible for you.

Organising and decluttering is a discipline practiced by many but mastered by few. The industry that was practically unheard of a few years ago, has now become mainstream. The individual steps involved in decluttering a home aren’t difficult; anyone can do it with some guidance. The challenge is knowing where to start, what products to buy and , most importantly, how to stay motivated so you actually see results.

So how does it work?

I’ve broken down everything into bite size pieces so you can take things step by step.

All you need to do is sign up to Mise en Place Academy, and select your first course. Each course includes a range of instructional videos, educational tools, checklists and a fun quiz to ensure you’re absorbing the information.

So let’s get started and do this together

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