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Lesson four: Shoe organisation

Women are notorious for their love of shoes, but don’t always think about how they will fit them all into their wardrobe. In this lesson, you will learn my top tips and tricks on how to store, organise and take care of your shoes. What you will need: Hanging shoe storage Optional: Back of the…

Lesson three: Utilising bulkhead shelves

The bulkhead of a wardrobe can often be filled with items you have forgotten about or a space that isn’t fully utilised. In this lesson, I show you how to optimise your wardrobe bulkhead. We will also learn how to fold jumpers and jeans, to ensure we’re making the most of our wardrobe space. What…

Lesson two: Optimising hanging space

It is all about having the right hanger, for the right piece, in the right space. The hanger really does make a difference to your wardrobe! In this lesson, learn how to maximise your wardrobe’s layout and how to hang your clothes. What you will need: Flocked velvet hangers Clip hangers Wooden hangers Scarf hanger

Lesson one: How to declutter your wardrobe

 Make sure you set a good chunk of set time aside to declutter your wardrobe. You will need 4-6 hours depending how large your wardrobe is for this lesson. What you will need: Sturdy donation bag Garbage bags Cardboard box Optional: The hanger bag from

Introduction: The Woman’s Wardrobe Makeover

Decluttering and organising a woman’s wardrobe can feel like a big job, but we will do it together step-by-step in this course. We will start with decluttering your wardrobe and by the time we are finished, everything in your wardrobe will have a home.

Lesson four: How to make your own hand sanitiser

We’ve all had those days when we haven’t been able to purchase sanitiser at the shops. In this lesson, I will be teaching you how to make your own hand sanitiser so you will never be without again!   What you will need: Aloe vera Isopropyl alcohol Essential oils or coconut oil Plastic pump bottle…

Lesson three: Working from home

Working from home is a reality for a lot of us. In this lesson, I am going to show you how to adapt to these changes, and optimise to the space you have. What you will need:  Either a desk with storage or a file store’n stack container Optional: Charging station

Lesson two: How to fold and store your shopping bags

In this segment, I am going to show you how to fold a plastic and fabric shopping bag. This will help reduce the amount of room they will take up in your cupboard and makes it easier to pop them in your pocket when you head to the shops. What you will need:  Shopping bags!…

Lesson one: Keep clean and calm in the current climate

Learn how to keep your home clean and calm in the current environment. We are going to work through different areas of your home, such as common spaces and high touch spots, and focus on overall cleaning and sanitisation. What you will need:  Antibacterial wipes Sanitising spray Microfibre towel Optional: Hanging rack