Consultations can be either in-person or virtually. Whether it be a small space in your home, or several rooms, we will help you transform your space into one of comfort and peace.

In Person Consultation with Anita

Anita can travel to your home in the greater Sydney area, at a time that suits you and your family. Together, a plan will be made to help you achieve your decluttering and organising goals. In person consultations are also the perfect gift for anyone you know who might be needing a helping hand!

Mise en Place Consultants

Due to popular demand for onsite consultations, Anita has grown the team by introducing Mise en Place Consultants. All Mise en Place Consultants are certified decluttering and organising experts that have completed in depth training and mentoring by Organising Expert and Mise en Place Founder, Anita Birges.

Virtual Consultations

Even though Anita can’t physically come into everyone’s homes, she can still help you break down the process of tackling any area, as well as point you in the right direction of what products to use.

All Anita needs is a couple of photos and a virtual meeting and she will quickly establish what will work and what won’t, what is needed and what can be eliminated, what can be reused and what can be reworked to create order and calm into your space.

Anita even sources the products for you well within your budget.

There is always a way to get you and your home organised!

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